ONENESSTRAVEL FOR THE HEART - to make your soul happy!

Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Titicacasee, Island of the Sun, Tiwanaku


Our Shamans, Guides and Healer

November 7-24

Our first evening of this Peru/Bolivia journey we will meet Eduardo, our archaeologist for this journey. So important information about the Peruvian and Bolivian ancient cultures, the found artefacts and sacred statues, the ancient meaning of the Flower of Life / Golden Sun Disc will be shared before we start to travel to visit Machu Picchu, Cuzco and other ancient sacred sites.

He has been scientificly excavating at many old temples sites and also supervised deepwater diving at Lake Titicaca (very difficult as it lays at a height of 3850 m.) for many years with international teams from all over the globe.

So from day one we have a wonderful vision of the many secrets behind what we will see and experience later Schamanen in Peruwhile visiting the various famous sites.

We will follow the path of the Children of the Sun, who build many of their Temples of the Sun at sacred spots high in the Andean mountains. We also focus on the Flower of Life, the most ancient symbol of life on our planet and the awakeing of this beautiful flower in our hearts.

Many temples, portals and museums showimages or decorations etc. of the famous golden Incan Sun Disc. It is said that the Sun Disc represents the Flower of Life in a perfect way. It has been seen upon as the most important sacred artefact the Incan Kings had in their possesion as it came from the ancient Lemurian continent. During the years the Spanish came to South America to occupy it lands and gold the Incan Priests moved the golden Sun Disc to Lake Titicaca to finally hid it in the deep waters of the sacred lake (which made it even more sacred for the people)

During this journey we will bridge the legends, scientific proof, spiritual wisdom, indigenous knowledge with discovered artefacts, underwater temples, underground tunnels and their stories. It is a bridge over time connecting Lemuria with our time, 2012 - 2013.

A wonderful bridge over time full of events, aha-moments, miracles and joy as we start awakening the flower of life in our hearts and simultaniously dig into our shared ancient culture which belongs to all of humanity!Schamanen in Peru Between Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Tiwanaku we visit many very ancient, pre-Colombian Sun Temples, always on beautiful higher spots in the Andes. They were once build to honor our Sun and the Central Sun behind our Sun, which we will also do!!

2013 invites us to wake up on all levels. Between 12.12.12 and 03.21.13 (for some till August 2013, see Mayan Calendar) we are each of us individually invited to co-create a healthy harmonical world, in which our children and grand-children can grow up as balanced beings, full of integrity, compassion and honesty.

Individually we have a choice now to leave behind the greed, misery, poorness and negative ego patterns of the old cycle! But Spirit indicades: "A personal choice must be made, this is the right time! So best is to be open and vulnerable in your heart and let your soul guide you!

So this year I will mainly offer journeys to Peru & Bolivia, as here the divine awakened feminine energy is very strong and 24/7 present. The Serpent of Light found its new location or "Kundalini-house" high in the Andean mountain range between Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina and all life there is vibrating with extreme high electrical frequencies, easy to access for all of us.

From this epicenter the energy for change radiates over our whole planet. Change for our world is definitely coming from these regions.

We know that the great Cosmic Forces which assist Mother Earth need more than ever the support of consciouss people to successfully fulfill its role in our future! A large 13.000 year new Cycle has begun and each person is invited to clear his personal portals and open his connection with the spiritual realms so more of your soul potential can be grounded into your existence on planet Earth.

It is a wonderful magical time to be alive, if we trust and see the greater picture and connect to the bigger overlay of worldwide happenings.

Would you like to learn more about Flower of Life the background of the connections between the Peruvian / Bolivian and the Lemurian culture? How they came to South America? About the underground tunnel systems? The many Sun Portals and Temples? Hear more about the Temples of the Sun, the Pre-Colombian and Incan ceremonies and meaning of the new Cycle?? Then this is the perfect journey for you! Welcome!

The ancient golden Sun Disc of the Inca is as archaeolists mean from Lemuria. It plays an extrem important role in this part of Mother Earth. Eduardo will explain us in his lectures about the Flower of Life and the golden Sun Disc from an archaeological persperctive and will guide us in our days in Bolivia. Archaeology Link

Peru - Bolivia November 7-24
It is important (and my sincere wish) that you arrive in Cuzco/Peru on November on 5 or at the latest in the early morning of November 6. This will give you two days (You will need them!) to get used to the height of the Andean mountains and time to rest, get over jetlag and relax before we start the group travel. (I will send you the info of our group hotel, we will ask for group rates for these days!)
Cost: $US 4244

Extension November 24-28: 5 days/4 nights JUNGLE TOUR in the Amazonian jungle. 100% Jungle Adventure!!
Cost: $US 650 (minimum 8 Participants; Flights, tours, transport by bus and boat, hotels, meals etc. included).


The 2013 July and November Sacred Journeys differ a little from eachother. We follow more or less the same routes of the Children of the Sun, visit their Sacred Sun Temples and connect with the Wisdom of Lemuria and the new Cycle. Please follow your heart and listen to your soul. You will know when to come with us!

After each Sacred Journey you will have the opportunity to book an extension trip. Following journeys are planned for the future: "Deep into the Amazonian Jungle", Healingweek with the High Andes Shamans"; "Lemurien Pure & Flower of Life with renomated Bolivian Archeologist"

Lake Titicaca Machu Picchu Ancient statues in Tiwanaku

Did you ask yourself lately questions like:
- Am I living my own life and purpose?
- Can I change my life after 2012>
- Do I feel fullfilled and full of joy??
- Am I living my own dream or someone else’s dream?
- Is there something I really want to do and did not yet?
- What is missing in my life?

Are you looking to/for:
- A spiritual Adventure and Experience?
- connect your inner soul to the new exploding Divine Feminine Energies, sooo present in Peru/Bolivia?
- Experience the powerful sacred sites of Machu Picchu, Cusco, Lake Titicaca, Tiwanaku etc.?
- Re-connect with your inner shamanic Wisdom and Power
- Travel together with Soulmates to feel save and experience more?
- Bring your spirit into wholeness
- become fully vibrational and alive
- Take this opportunity to consciously let go of all you have experienced in this life and the ones before this one?
- embrace the dark & light of the last cosmic cycle of 26,000 years and embrace the Oneness of the new one.
- experience the magnificence of your own being; experience your true nature?
- Let go of the old paradigms in your life that no longer serve you?
- Becoming fully aware of the integral oneness of your three inner worlds
- Pacha Mama, our Mother Earth to encourage you to realign and nurture your body and soul
- How you can support Mother Earth and the Cosmic Beings in their work?

What these Sacred Journey are not:
- This is not just a tourist tour, but a spiritual journey! You will be in a process!
- This is not a Wellness or Spa trip to relax! We experience a lot and you will need time at home to integrate all!
- This is not your tour if you want to be alone all the time
- This is not a holiday vacation with beach and ocean
- This trip is not for you, if you have heart problems or asthma (due to the height 13.000 feet/4000m.)


IMPORTANT VISA INFO: Europeans, Australians and many other countries don't need a Peruvian or Bolivian visa! Most people don't need a visa for Peru, but Americans, Chinese and other countries do need one for Bolivia. Please check this with the ambassies before travelling.

November 5 & 6: 
This Journey starts in Cuzco/Peru. You are arriving on November 5 or 6 and check-in to our group hotel (I will send you the contact info as we will look for group rates for these nights!). Every participant has to arrive during those two days. You will have thus enough time to sleep and get used to the high altitude of the Andean mountains as Cuzco is over 10.000 feet altitude. 

November 7 / Day 1: 
Breakfast in the hotel. Today we have our first group meeting and lunch. In the afternoon we meet the Q’eros Elders who will lead us in a ceremony to ask for permission and positive energies for our journey, to pay tribute to Pacha Mama and Pacha Coca, to express our individual intent for this wonderful journey.

After a light dinner we meet our Archaologist Eduardo to hear about the Inka Solar disc, the ancient Flower of Life of the Lemurian continent, that once lay in the South Pacific ocean. He will share his wisdom and knowledge with us about all the discoveries they made in and around lake Titicaca. Hotel in Cuzco (B/L/D) 

November 8 / Day 2:
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we have two sessions (each 2 hours) with Eduardo about the Flower of Life, the ancient secrets of Peru and Bolivia, the underground tunnel systems of the ancient cultures still there and a lot more. Lunch and dinner at our hotel. Hotel in Cuzco (B/L) 

November 9 / Day 3:
Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we drive to the Sacred Valley, visit various power places. We will have time to be on our own, connect more deeply to Mother Nature and prepare for all the coming experiences and adventures.

Qeros shamans are with on this part of the journey, so we always can be in ceremony at any the moment spirit or the ancient Masters guide us (or the shamans) to be. Buffet lunch in a beautiful restaurant on the border of the famous river Urubamba. Dinner at our hotel. (B/L/D) 

November 10 / Day 4: 
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we board our bus to go to the far end of Sacred Valley where we will visit the power place and village Ollantaytambo, its ancient pyramid site, we climb the high stairsSchamanen in Peru and gather at the sacred Temple of the Sun. Later we board the famous Inka Trail train to Machu Picchu. Our hotel is in Aquas Calientes, which is the starting point for our visit to Machu Picchu. Dinner at the Hotel (B/L/D) 

November 11 / Day 5: 
Breakfast at the hotel. In the early morning buses bring us to the famous City of the Condor: Machu Picchu, one of the 7 world wonders, at an altitude of 2800 m. We have the whole day to explore and experience this famous ancient temple site. Spirit will guide us where to meditate. (real shamanic ceremonies are not allowed at all temple sites in Peru).

We will visit the Temple of the Condor, the ancient Temple of the Sun, the Moon or the 3 windows and silent ceremony will spontaneously happen at various sacred power places. 

Before entering Machu Picchu we will ask the permission from the Keepers of this sacred ancient Inca city, the puma, the condor, Father Sun and all the Lightbeings that reign here since ages, to enter the city, to be protected and to meditate.

You will experience how Machu Picchu enhances all prayers and inward meditations as we enter its strong energy matrix. You return on your own in one of the comfortable buses to Aquas Calientes. We meet again for our group dinner at the hotel. (B/LBox/D) 

November 12 / Day 6:
Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we take the famous Inka Train back to Ollantaytambo where our bus awaits us to bring us back to Cusco. We will be driving through the beautiful landscape of the valleys between Machu Picchu and Cuzco and see high mountians full of snow and little villages. Free afternoon in town to go to a museum, the market, do some shopping or relax. Overnight in Cusco Hotel (B) 

View of Machu Picchu Sillustani Group in Machu Picchu 2012

November 13 / Day 7:
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we will be experiencing the high mountain pass at 4300 m. and be surrounded by snowy mountains over 5000 m. high, driving through the high "South American cordillera". Bus tour to Puno on the coast of Lake Titicaca. We will visit various ancient temple sites, a famous churchand a museum with ancient Lemurian statues and have a buffet lunch on our way. Overnight in our Puno/Chucuito Hotel (B/L/D) 

November 14 / Day 8: 
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we will leave by bus towards Aramu Muru. On our way to this sacred site, we will perform a personal ceremony at a famous sacred rock formation, to greet the sun at the Light Spot and walk from here over the Snake, the Puma and Condor through the monutains to the famous cosmic portal Amaru Muru.

From our personal Willka Uta (Home of Divinity) we will be able to experience our own Divinity, which will permit us to reach the physic doorway and going through it with all of our bodies, being connected with the Gods who are on the other side, which we can reach if we let go of our old fears. Lunch. Overnight in our hotel in Chucuito (B/L/D) 

November 15 / Tag 9:
Breakfast hotel. Today we will visit the famous floating islands of Uros by boat and spent the day on Lake Titicaca. The Uros people live on these islands and will show us how they build and live on them. Being on the water is a great oportunity to celebrate Mother Earth and the many Elements, here f.i. Water and Wind. Return to the hotel. Overnight in Chucuito (B/L/D) 

November 16 / Day 10: 
Breakfast in the hotel. We have a free day to have time to integrate all we have experienced, to visit the little village Chucuito, to write on your dairy or just relax or meditate. Only later in the day we gather as group. Lunch and dinner at our hotel, overnight in Hotel Chucuito. (B/L/D) 

Amaru Muru Isla del Sol Islas Uros

November 17 / Day 11: 
Breakfast at the hotel. Early morning we leave per bus (2 1/2-hour ride) for Copacabana, a beautiful little town on the Bolivian coast of Lake Titicaca. Upon arrival we have time to visit the famous church, have a little lunch.

At the harbour Eduardo, our archaeologist waits for us and our boat brings us to the Island of the Sun, a very sacred island once center of ancient Inca (and precolombian) mythology. We will visit the temple of the Sun “Pilcocaina” and enjoy a wonderful walk to our hotel. We stay overnight in a little hotel and have a wonderful freshly prepared dinner. (B/D) 

November 18 / Day 12: 
Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we descend from the hotel to lake level, where our little fishermens boat waits to guide us to the ancient sacred Temples City in the middle of Lake Titicaca. In 2000 scientists discovered in Lake Titicaca ruins of ancient structures, which were identified as temples, terraces and walls. 

We spent the morning on the water, visiting various ancient power places not really known to many. Spirit will guide us where to be and when. Eduardo will guide us too this day, showing us on many levels the ancient secrets of Lake titicaca and its culture.

After a ceremony the boat will bring us to the northern coast of the Island of the Sun to hike uphill to the “Sacred Rock of the Puma” and the “Chincana” Pre-Inca temples. After a ceremony we will have our picnic lunch with fabulous views on the lake and the Peruvian coast. Who wants can walk back with the group to the hotel (3 hours walk) others can go back by boat. Dinner and overnight at our Island of the Sun hotel (B/Lunch Box/D) 

November 19 / Day 13: 
Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we descend from the hotel to lake level, where our little fishermens boat waits to bring us to other sacred places and ancient temples in the middle of Lake Titicaca. In 2000 scientists discovered in Lake Titicaca ruins of ancient structures, which were identified as temples, terraces and walls. 

We spent the morning on the water visiting various ancient power places not really known by the main public, but as Eduardo will guide us too this day, showing us on many levels the ancient secrets of Lake titicaca and its culture we will experience wonderful sites. (B/Lunch Box/D) 

Tiwanaku Tiwanaku Altiplano Andes

November 20 / Day 14: 
Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning we depart for Copacabana by boat and pay a Visit to the Island of the Moon and its magical temples. Our hotel in Copacabana lays directly on the Lake with great views. Free afternoon in Copacabana, a wonderful little town to buy lots of souvenirs to bring home! (B/D) 

November 21 / Day 15: 
Breakfast in the hotel. By bus we leave for the ancient temple city of Tiwanaku, also called Tiahuanaco, south of Lake Titicaca with the famous Temple of Puma Punku. We will be here guided by Spirit and wonderful Bolivian guides who will lead us in ceremonies.

Tiwanaku was an important pre-Incan city. According to legends Tiahuanaco was situated at sea level and part of the sunken continent of Lemuria. 

The main focus of our visit is the "Puerta del Sol", the pyramid Akapana, as well as Puma Punku with its fascinating megaliths. Today we don't need our bus, as everything is in walking distance from the Temples site and the hotel. Lunch near the site. Dinner at the hotel. (B/L/D)

November 22 / Day 16: 
Breakfast at the hotel. We can walk to the temple site and will be most of the day in Tiwanaku. Later in the afternoon our bus brings us to the capital of Bolivia surrounded by many snow cap high (over 6500 m.) mountains. Hotel in the capitol of Bolivia, La Paz. (B/L/D) 

November 23 / Day 17: 
Breakfast in the hotel in La Paz. Today is a free day to explore La Paz, buy lots of souvenirs in the shops, markets or "witch market" for your friends and family. At the end of the afternoon we will meet for a closing ceremony thanking Pacha Mama, Pacha Coca and all the Lightbeings that guided us so wonderfully on our journey. Last group dinner. Hotel in La Paz (B/D) 

November 24 / Day 18:
Breakfast in the Hotel. Time to say goodbye to the group. Departure for your own country or destination 

INTERNATIONALER FLUG: Wir meet in Cuzco, Peru to start our sacred journey. You can book you flight as an "open jaw" flight arriving in Cuzco and leaving back home from La Paz, Bolivia

Inclusive are:
Hotel in double: all nights
Breakfast: all days
Entrance: all Temple sites
Bus Transport
Machu Picchu Train
Participation Ceremonies & Celebrations
Boats Lake Titicaca
Local Guides & Elders
Group sessions & Guide Carolina
Archaeological Lectures

Not inclusive:
International flight to Cusco
Transfers airports
Lunches: see above
Dinners: see above
Tips busdrivers & guides: $150 (to pay cash on first day in Peru)
Drinks (we get normally Water and other drinks with the meals). Extras are normally: Coffees, Wine, Beer, Cocktails etc.

Copacabana Tiwanaku Sillustani