Spiritual Travel for the Heart


About Carolina

Carolina is the author of the four following books about and for Indigos and Crystal children: *Das Indigo Phänomen/2001*, *Indigo Ratgeber/2002*, *Indigos öffnen ihre Seelen/2005* and *Spirituelle Geborgenheit für die Herzen der Kinder/2008* (the first two translated in many European languages!).

She is a spiritual Counselor, Teacher and Therapist since 1991. the guidance of families with * so called not normal kids*, energy work, lightbody awakings and colour therapy mixed with many practical healing techniques are her qualities. Since 2010 she reduced her trainings in Europe and is committed to the vision:" We are ONE and let's gather together at ancient Power Places to celebrate"

By birth Dutch she left after school, lived for many years in Paris, Barcelona and Munich where she studied and worked in fashion design and journalism. She speaks 5 languages fluently and travels around the world inviting people to come with her for strong inner spiritual and individual experiences.

Her Motto is: Healing oneself is healing Mother Earth!!

During the eighties she studied for many years with the Peruvean shaman Don Eduardo de Calderon, who teached her to be full of courage on the spiritual path.

She is a deeksha giver/trainer, strongly connected in her heart to the Oneness University in India, an Aura-Soma Teacher highest level, a Lightbody Teacher (Sanaya Roman/USA) and a crystal healer.

She lived in Mexico/Yucatan several months during many years and started an indigenous project called the *Academia de la Cultura y Lengua Maya* with Don Pablo, a Mayan Elder. It is a school for Mayan children to re-learn their glyphes and a place for international students to learn more about Mayan history and culture.

Since 1995 she lived in Hawaii/Maui part of the year and moved to Easter Island in the South Pacific in 2006. Easter Island belongs to Chile and is part of Polynesia, a part of the world that is getting extremely important as a spiritual center for the whole world.

The energy in the Chilean Andean mountains has been activated since the 1970's and radiates its light more and more on the planet and the universe.

She offers retreats and travel groups to Easter Island, Moorea, Tahiti, Chile high in the Andean mountains (strong energy from the electro magnetic new chakra point "Kundalini", that moved from western Tibet to Chile) and to Maui/Hawaii.